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Category Archives: PPC Management

  • The Many Benefits of PPC Management

    There are times when organic SEO is not enough to bring your website the traffic and customer base that you desire. Using a PPC advertising campaign can help you get more visitors by advertising through a specific set of networks and then paying each time your advertisement is clicked. This is when hiring...

  • The Benefits of PPC Management and Targeted Email Marketing

    Two of the most cost effective ways of advertising your product or service online are targeted email marketing and PPC Management. Although they are two entirely different ways of advertising, both of them are relatively inexpensive as compared to print or media advertising, and they are proven methods for increasing traffic to your...

  • How PPC Management Can Increase Your Business

    With more and more people advertising their businesses or products online, you might wonder whether choosing this type of advertising would be beneficial to your own business. The short answer to this question is a resounding yes. Two of the most commonly used online advertising tools are social bookmarking and PPC Management. PPC...

  • Why Is PPC Management Called ‘Management’, But SEO Management Is Just ‘SEO’?

    Every once in a while, we can't help but sit back and look at our industry with a little amusement. We don't often indulge in our more esoteric side, but this little tidbit floated around the office for a while and we had to share. PPC "Management" vs. "SEO" PPC Management is a...

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