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Dental Marketing Services
Marketing Strategies For Your Dental Practice!

Growing a dental practice is a complicated and time-consuming process. As a dentist, you simply do not have the time or energy to spend on executing a marketing strategy. However, it is important that the agency you hire has extensive experience in marketing dental services and generating the types of leads you need to grow.

Digital Marketing For Your Dental Practice

It is time you grow your practice by using cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. Our strategy includes inbound lead generation, targeted advertisements, social media placements, and more. Our end goal is always to convert visitors into patients.

After our routine call, I hang up the phone and then went to google to see what DCM Marketing Expert told me to look at. I was astonished when I saw my business on top 3 in maps already after just 30 days. It was a big surprise. Previous marketing companies promised a lot but delivered nothing. With DCM I have seen for the past 5 years nothing but an increase in New Patients. I am happy I decided to give DCM a chance many years ago and OMG they have delivered on their promise of at least 500% + ROI.

Alla Kats

Alla Kats, DDS - Reseda, CA

Our patients always tell us that we have the best website they’ve come across! They love the pictures and the design of the site. DCM knows exactly what is needed to make sure your website does its purpose and converts for us . We had to hire a new person just to answer the new patient calls and emails. The number of new patients went from 5-7 per month to 15-19 per month. We are 100% satisfied!! Also, our marketing costs have reduced while gaining these new patients Thanks guys for everything.

Gennadiy Orlovetsky

Gennadiy Orlovetsky, DDS – Simi Valley, CA


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The Dental Marketing Experts

If you are going to invest in digital marketing for your practice, you are better off working with an agency that has the right experience. Not only is our team of marketing experts well versed in digital advertising, they have extensive experience working with dental practices just like yours.

“After our routine call, I hang up the phone and then went to google to see what DCM Marketing Expert Alex told me to look at. I was astonished when I saw my business on top 3 in maps already after just 30 days. It was a big surprise, thanks, guy Now I will do whatever you tell me to do 😊.”

Joshua Christen


DCM Marketing Expert
Dental Marketing Services

Locating and Converting High Value Patients

Our programs and strategies target and convert high-value patients for your practice. We are launching a series of hyper-local advertising campaigns to ensure that anyone looking for a new dentist will come across your site and will be promoted to set up an appointment.

Dental practices live or die based on their ability to attract local patients. Luckily for you, we  know how to find, target, re-target, and eventually close local prospects. Our campaigns are designed to ensure that your practice has a consistent funnel of leads at all times.

Dentist Marketing

Digital Tactics for Modern Day Dentists

Our team has a strong track record of helping hundreds of dentists implement digital marketing tactics such as:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Paid Social Media
  • Organic Social Media
  • Business Directory Placement
  • Business Listing Placement
  • Accurate Local Maps Placement
  • Search Engine Optimization for Local Searches
  • E-Mail Marketing and Automation
Online Presence for Your Dental Office

Improve Your Online Brand Presence

A fully optimized website is the foundation of any and every digital marketing strategy. Our team will ensure your website is built specifically for your industry. Unlike other agencies who deliver cookie-cutter websites, we know exactly what a dental practice needs to do in order to be successful. This includes optimizing each page so it had a higher chance of being found during local searches.

Once your website is up and running, we will make it the centerpiece of a robust and specialized strategy that includes social media, paid advertising, and content marketing. Our team will immerse itself in your brand in order to fully understand what makes your practice unique and valuable. We will then ensure that your value is showcased throughout all of your digital marketing campaigns.

SEO for Dentists

Why Dot Come Media’s Dental Marketing Services?

We have a long and impressive track record of helping dentists and dental practices like yours bring their business to the next level. We have done this by crafting, executing, and managing tactful and robust digital marketing strategies that have opened the door to new leads and patients.

When you work with us, you are working with a dedicated team that wants your practice to succeed almost as much as you do. You get a group of hard-working, dedicated marketing experts who know exactly what needs to be done to help you to achieve all of your business goals and objectives.

Let’s Work Together to Find More Patients For Your Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! In its purest form, it is a type of advertising that is delivering through digital channels such as your website, SEO, SEM, e-mails, text messages, and social media. If you’d like, we would be happy to set up a call to walk you through several examples that would work for your brand.

We’re glad you asked! It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to the process of improving your website to be easily found in relevant search results. Traditionally, SEO strategies focus on improving your standing for popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

Digital marketing is ideal because you can always track your money and how effective the campaign was in reaching your goals. If something is not working, you can always adjust your spending, channel, or messaging until you get it right. We are continuously monitoring our campaigns to make sure your digital initiatives are fully optimized.

Customer Retention Marketing is the process of engaging your existing customers and motivating them to continue buying from your company. This is done by putting your brand in front of these customers in the form of various digital campaigns such as social media and e-mail marketing. This is different from lead-generation because you have already converted these customers.