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Start getting qualified inbound leads Within 14 Days!

Stop chasing leads and start focusing on closing new customers. Get exclusive calls daily from prospects in your local area. You will only pay for the relevant calls you received, get to see measurable results, and 300%+ ROI’s.

This client so far generated 40 new customers and brought in approx. $25,700 in additional revenue from DCM Pay Per Call Campaign.

Appliance Repair in Woodland Hills, CA

This client so far generated around 5 new clients and brought in approx. $135.000 in additional revenue from DCM Pay Per Call campaign.

Business Attorney in Encino, CA

Let’s Talk About What Dot Com Media can do for Your Business

Pay Per Call marketing solutions help advertisers connect with their prospective customers via phone. With a focus on call quality, we utilize as many marketing channels as needed to deliver expanded advertising to reach through both online and offline media channels on a performance basis.

Dot Com Media is amazing. The team is made up of incredibly smart, hard-working people and they genuinely care about their clients and projects. They’re more than willing to take on big, unexpected challenges and they always deliver results, especially when it comes to their new addition Pay Per Call Marketing . Thanks guys for additional 75 calls monthly. I would recommend these folks to all my friends who own businesses!


Sara Greenspan - Manager
Cleaning Agency in LA - MaidServe

When running a business it is very important to stay on top of things. And with today’s technology, there are so many options to market your business. Dot Com Media is the best in their field at doing just that. They are very professional and very helpful. We got extra 45 calls last month!! I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a huge boost in their new client acquisition!


Eugene Parhomskiy - Manager
LA Painting Services - PaintCoPro


five star service


Local Marketing Experts
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DCM experts have more than 20 years of inbound marketing experience, helping businesses around the United States acquire new clients/patients on a monthly basis by driving relevant calls/leads directly to your phone. Our team is ready to help you earn at least 300%-1000%+ ROI on every dollar spent into your marketing. Our marketing experts can put together a multi-channel marketing strategy geared towards how to make your business one of our success stories. Request our FREE DEMO NOW BELOW.

“It was a very productive call. It was a usual customer service call which I get from DCM every month to go through our campaign , but then Ninna presented me with additional Pay Per Call marketing to try for 90 days– where after we implemented it within 2-3 weeks my phone calls went up additionally 400%. And I hope this is just the beginning. As usual DCM you guys outdo yourself !!!“

Mark Rabinovich


DCM Marketing Expert
Pay Per Call Marketing for Your Business

Business Categories We Help Get Calls (only 1 client per area)

24/7 access to calls online on iPhone, Android Phone and iPad. We Review each call manually for quality & relevancy.

  • HVAC
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Roofers
  • Window Installation & Repair
  • Dentists
  • Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Personal Injury Attorney
  • Divorce Lawyer
  • Family Law Attorney
  • Immigration Attorney
  • Appliance Repair Service
  • Garage Door Sales & Repair
  • Pest Control Service
  • Door Installation & Repair
Phone Ringing

Answer the Phone… It’s a Prospect Calling!

You can have prospects call you directly. That’s what DCM is all about. Getting your phone to ring with interested prospects.

If you have purchased leads before, you know how frustrating it can be when you have to aggressively and repeatedly reach out only to discover that they are not looking for services you provide (or worse… some companies actually sell you invalid and unverified information).

Stop competing for the same lead that was provided to multiple other companies as well.

With DCM’s Pay Per Call program you can grow your business by simply answering the phone.

Pay-Per-Call Marketing

Here’s How it Works:

Our digital marketing team at DCM has decades of successful internet marketing experience. We are plugged into the industry to keep up with changing technology and consumer habits. More and more people are using the internet to search for any type of business or service. A lot of those people are turning to their mobile devices and tablets for that search. In fact, industry experts believe that mobile search will outpace desktop search within the next couple years.

That’s why DCM’s focus is on internet and mobile advertising. We’re not generating leads (at least not the kind you might be used to). We direct people actively looking online for your services directly to your phone number! We encourage prospects to “Call Now” to talk to a local licensed business owner. We can route that call directly to you, and you won’t pay a penny if the call is not relevant. Don’t miss out on the best way to grow your practice! If you don’t take the call, a competitor will!

(We direct people actively looking online for your services directly to your phone number!)

No Risk Marketing

No-Risk! Only Pay for Relevant Calls Guaranteed.

DCM’s Pay Per Call program is on a first come first serve basis. If there are no calls, there is no cost! No upfront fees (except small optimization/management monthly fees). No long-term contracts (but minimum 90 days strongly recommended).

Targeted Advertising

Our ethics-compliant advertising is targeted specifically to a particular practice area. For example, if a prospect is looking for a personal injury attorney, that is the advertisement they will see, and the call will be routed to a personal injury attorney in our network. We will set up a unique Caller ID such as (818) 999-9999 to display on your line so you know when it’s a prospect calling from our efforts.

Account Management 24/7

You can access your secure account links online 24/7 to view call logs, track performance, or contact our support team during regular business hours for help with any aspect of your account.

100% Exclusive Calls

It’s good to share but not when it comes to growing your practice. That’s why every call you receive from DCM is 100% exclusive to you. We don’t even capture the caller’s name or other contact information. If it’s your call, it’s 100% your prospect.

Proven Results For Our Clients

20+ years of driving real revenue growth for local service companies.

Approx. $3M+

Revenue Generate for our Clients

100,000 +

Leads Delivered to our Clients


Satisfied Clients

Pay Per Call Qualification

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay-Per-Call or sometimes referred to as “Click-to-Call” is an effective inbound marketing strategy where advertisers pay publishers for a qualified call. The affiliate will display an ad featuring a unique number for the customer to call that will lead back to the advertiser’s call center.

Clicks dominate in the online world. Even those with a cursory knowledge of online marketing are familiar with Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

It’s primarily a lead-gen solution for now. I think this will change as pay-per-call matures and as technologies improve. We are already seeing different business models emerge as campaigns generate more data. Several of our clients pay commission at the point of sale, and many of our high-quality affiliates make more money via cost-per-sale commissions than on a cost-per-duration model.

I’d look at their technology and their QA process. Any network that doesn’t have built-in concurrency capping available or doesn’t optimize towards an advertiser’s CPA goals isn’t going to be prepared to scale up your business. A good pay-per-call network needs to be able to assure the compliancy of the traffic they’re delivering. This means above all else avoid creating liability for your clients.

No! Not every call is a valid, billable lead. You do not have to pay for repeated callers, wrong numbers, solicitors, etc. You are only charged for potential new customers.

Prices start from $50 per call and you only pay per relevant call. In some cases prices per call  could be higher  based on your business type and location ( example New York State  or California ) . As this is a competitive marketplace, the higher the cost of your type of work, the more expensive a potential lead/call might be . For example, a carpet cleaning company’s average call price is lower than that of a personal injury attorney. We work to get you as many calls  as we can at set price per call  agreed.

Just like with any advertising service, we cannot guarantee a certain number of calls or jobs, but unlike other advertising options, you only pay for the valid leads/calls – the actual new potential customers that connect with you in real-time.

Yes! We allow you to set a monthly budget and give you the ability to reduce your budget if you get too busy. But what our current clients do – they are  trying to get as many relevant calls as they can get within first 90 days and then we look  at their data and decide if they want to lower the budget or keep it up.

Through a variety of ways. We get customers in your area through search engine marketing, online directory sites, social media advertising, mobile apps, and even through offline avenues such as direct mailers if needed. Our job is to make sure we find as many places as possible where your potential customers are actively looking for you, so that they can connect in real-time with you at the moment they need your services.