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Press Releases Are Very Useful For Your Business If Done The Right Way.

The main purpose of a press release is to promote a specific aspect of your business or something significant. Beyond that, it adheres to a strict format for marketing and promotional purposes in order to notify the media about an event in hopes they will continue to spread the word. Press releases are still relevant and probably will be for a long time to come, not only for search engine optimization, but for marketing in general. The format of a press release is different than that of a blog post. A blog post has no set template and is usually very casual. It is designed to appeal to those who already know about a company, such as an existing customer.

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Press Releases Seem to be More Popular Now Than They Were Back in 2015

Many webmasters are not too familiar with the concept, and often end up doing more harm than good to their websites. We have a network of over 300 news websites that distribute press releases monthly. The news sites we post on receive over 170 million visitors per month combined. These days, press releases are not considered spam, and they focus on improving your business, website, services or products. A press release is worth more in 2021 if the focus is on getting the media’s attention, rather than focusing on grabbing a backlink.

Press Releases vs. Blog Posts

Some people may wonder: “how are press releases different from blog posts or articles?” In many ways, this question can be answered by looking at the format of a press release. Every press release follows a relatively common template – there is a brief introduction of the news item; a series of supporting paragraphs that explain the who, what, why, when and where of the event; and then a final section with relevant contact information. All of the information is factual. In contrast, a blog post does not follow much of a template; rather, it is very casual. It is designed to appeal to people who already know about a company and are learning more about what they have to offer. Sometimes, a blog post is just an image and then a few lines of explanation or text. Other times, a blog post is a long, rambling and detail-filled article that can run for 1,000 or even 10,000 words.

writing and distibution

Also, think about distribution and not just content. A press release is specifically distributed to people who can bring news about your company to a much wider audience. A blog post is designed, first and foremost, only to be distributed to people already following a company.

How to Make Press Releases Effective?

press release
    1. Have an interesting piece of news.
    2. Create a killer headline.
    3. Write the press release short (500-750 words) and to the point.
    4. Distribute only to websites that are popular and relevant to your business.
    5. Use your GMB local Maps in each of your press releases for better SEO and Rankings.

Distribute each release within max 80 days (since press releases do get archived by website in most cases within first 90 days, your readership and of course backlinks power goes down, unless new press releases have been distributed to the same website again and again).


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Press releases are useful for SEO and will still be for many years to come, as long as you do not abuse their distribution. If done properly, a single press release can bring massive results.


We cannot guarantee any specific number of visitors to your website but normally our clients receive a couple hundred in the first few days of the posts going live. We cannot post on the main national websites of NBC, CBC, and FOX as those are reserved for national news; however, we can post on their local channels and all websites listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

A press release is a statement given to the media to offer information, make a statement, or an announcement.

Press releases are a way to announce something. It is a clear way to inform the public of news pertaining to your business.

Most press releases are about 400 – 500 words. It’s important they are concise and only include the most important information. It should be quick and easy to read.

A press release is distributed via a national wire service. This distribution across the wire makes it available to a tons of news outlets at once. A press release distribution increases your online footprint and increases your chance of being included in Google news results.

Simply copy/paste your exact press release title to see any stories that have been made about your release.

A National wire distribution includes local affiliates of organizations that can appear similar.

Your press release will appear on many different websites including independent and local journals, and local affiliates of major TV networks.

Yes, using SEO keywords in your press releases and specific URL links focusing on your business helps with a link building strategy.

A press release is an official announcement. While campaign coverage is simply coverage about your announcement that is written or shown in a different form.