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Local SEO Services for Attorneys
SEO Strategies For Law Firms

Basic SEO strategies will not work when it comes to generating leads for law firms. Our proven tactics are designed to boost visibility, traffic and lead generation for your law firm or practice.

Create A Never Ending Funnel Of Clients To Your Firm

We are here to not only find and funnel potential clients to your website, but to turn them into long term customers as well.

Before working with DCM, less than 10% of our new business came from the Internet. Today, the majority of our new clients call us directly after visiting our website.

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Phil Harding - Attorney

Thanks DCM and their team for making me a believer. I did not know that you can get clients from local online marketing and social media. I thought it was only word of mouth and referrals.

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Christopher Kalis - Attorney


five star service


The SEO Experts!

SEO strategies only work when they are created specifically for the company they serve and the industry they operate in. No one knows this better than our team of SEO experts.  Our gurus are committed to crafting a unique strategy that will fit your brands needs and budget. The team is led by SEO expert Tim Healy, who had been implementing small business marketing strategies for more than 20 years.

“Thanks to Michelle and DCM team, we found the issue I had for years with my NAP confusion where many companies who I have hired messed it all up. Now my NAP is implacable and I see the difference when people find me on different directories as well, not just Main once. Very productive call guys, Thanks.”


MICHAEL J. JOHNSON – Roofers in Aurora

DCM Marketing Expert
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Helping Law Firms Get Found

We understand the importance of a never-ending pipeline. We also know from years of experience that SEO is the most efficient and cost-effective way to generate new leads. Studies show that nearly 100% of people searching for a lawyer use a search engine before any other method.

Believe it or not, more people find an attorney through organic search than PPC, direct mail, and radio combined. Our team of industry veterans are ready to push your firm’s website to the top of relevant searches. This means more traffic, more inquiries, more clients, and more profits. Considering the fact that an overwhelming 70% of people hire the first attorney they find in their search, an aggressive SEO strategy is not just a nice to have, it is an absolute must.

Factors in Legal Marketing

What A Great SEO Campaign?

A quality, impactful SEO campaign must include the following:

  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Full On-Site Optimization
  • Inbound Linking and Citation Strategies
  • Consistent Google Reviews
  • Accurate Location Pages
  • Keyword Research For Your Targeted Area
Legal Marketing

Converting Users Into Paying Clients

In order to convert visitors into clients, your website must appear in relevant Google searches. To make this happen, your website must include the technical elements necessary to be seen as credible and trustworthy by Google. Our SEO specialists have years of experience working with law firms and know every technical SEO element that is necessary for your website pages.

The second half of this SEO equation is the non-technical, user-friendly element of your landing pages. Your site must load quickly and be easy to navigate. If your users are having trouble finding what they are looking for, they will move on to one of your competitors. If Google thinks your website is not up to par, you will be penalized, and your site will drop to the bottom of the page.

This is why we place a high focus on the Customer Journey when building out your landing pages. Everything we do is focused on making your website as user-friendly as possible. As a result, prospects find your site are much more likely to convert into clients.

Enhancing Your Law Content Strategy

Regardless of the industry, consumers are always looking for free, useful content to consume. Consumers have become accustomed to brands sharing knowledge and information for free in the form of blog posts, case studies, white papers, and infographics. The right content strategy can position you as an expert in the eyes of your audience.

If a client enjoys your content they will return to your website consistently. When Google sees multiple return visitors, it will help them confirm that your site is user-friendly and credible. This will result in higher search rankings, more visitors, and ultimately more clients.

SEO for Lawyers

Solid SEO is as important to law firms as it’s for all the online businesses. The credibility to how well you reach potential customers relies on your Google ranking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! In its purest form, it is a type of advertising that is delivering through digital channels such as your website, SEO, SEM, e-mails, text messages, and social media. If you’d like, we would be happy to set up a call to walk you through several examples that would work for your brand.

We’re glad you asked! It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to the process of improving your website to be easily found in relevant search results. Traditionally, SEO strategies focus on improving your standing for popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

Digital marketing is ideal because you can always track your money and how effective the campaign was in reaching your goals. If something is not working, you can always adjust your spending, channel, or messaging until you get it right. We are continuously monitoring our campaigns to make sure your digital initiatives are fully optimized.

Customer Retention Marketing is the process of engaging your existing customers and motivating them to continue buying from your company. This is done by putting your brand in front of these customers in the form of various digital campaigns such as social media and e-mail marketing. This is different from lead-generation because you have already converted these customers.