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Mark Rabinovitch

Mark Rabinovitch – Attorney at Law, Encino, CA

“They do everything they say”

It was a very productive call and I am glad I have made it. It was a usual customer service call that I get from DCM every month to check on how our campaign is going, but then Ninna presented me with Live Chat which converts 20—25% of my website

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traffic into live leads, which probably, otherwise those visitors would just leave.  – Anyway, after we implemented it within 5-7 days we got our first 2 appointments. I am so impressed with how DCM won’t rest until we can convert most people who land on our site or LPs. You guys are amazing. When you partner with Dot Com Media, they take care of everything from A to Z when it comes to your business growth online, so you can enjoy more website traffic, leads, calls, and 600%+ ROI.

Alla Katz

Alla Katz, DDS
Reseda, CA

“Best service that anyone can ask for”

After our routine call, I hang up the phone and then went to google to see what DCM Marketing Expert told me to look at. I was astonished when I saw my business on top 3 in maps already after just 30 days. It was a big surprise.

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Previous marketing companies promised a lot , but delivered nothing. With DCM I have seen for the past 5 years nothing but an increase in New Patients. I am happy I decided to give DCM a chance many years ago and OMG they have delivered on their promise of at least 500% + ROI. Guys from now on I will do whatever you tell me to do and very soon sell my office for a good profit and retire, thanks to you 😊.

svetlana baranovsky

Dr. Svetlana Baranovsky, MD Reseda, CA

“I am super happy I came across DCM”

Thanks Dot Com Media for helping me to bring on board my first 15 patients within first 6 month of opening the office. I was very skeptical that I would be able to find new patients online, but boy I was wrong.

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This is Insane!!! I did not expect to get on average now 10-15 new patients per month. To be honest, I even had to refer out 5 patient to different specialists last month because we were completely booked. And all of this without us having website :).