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Why Is Mobile Website Design Important For Your Business?

Don’t you just hate it when you are trying to make reservations at your favorite restaurant on your phone but all you see are overblown images and distorted text? Of course, this website wasn’t built for your phone (or to accommodate last minute dinner dates)! But, with Internet capabilities in almost every phone on the market today and the phenomenal increase in mobile Internet usage, can you really stay out of the mobile website genre? With a great mobile website design comes increased traffic- as your site now can be accessed from several devices- and increased income for you. Many websites, though, are battling interoperability and usability issues which you want to avoid. You want to make your website accessible from as many devices as possible to as many people as possible.

With mobile phones, tablets and e-readers all gaining Internet capabilities and users expecting more from Internet websites and their devices, it is no surprise that mobile website design is increasing in popularity. The reason why every website needs a mobile web design is that these mobile devices all operate on several platforms and access the Internet through several different browsers. In addition, graphic heavy websites can also hinder the little working memory that mobile devices have, decreasing its usability. In addition, there is also a stark lack of standards in mobile web design as mobile devices developed at a more rapid pace than mobile device standards.

The World Wide Web Consortium, though, is slowly but steadily developing standards for mobile web design and access. By standardizing this technology, web developers will be able to customize websites for various devices without fearing interoperability. For web developers, there are also tools, like MobiReady, that are able to assess if your mobile website is ready for deployment.

Be sure to know what your mobile website design will look and work like in various mobile platform to ensure that all your users are getting the most out of your website. After all, you don’t want to be the restaurant owner who lost business because your client could not complete his reservation online.

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