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What makes an effective mobile website design?

Having a mobile website design which is aesthetically pleasing as well as responsive is imperative for business. Mobile website viewers always visit the site with the expectation to get what they want as quickly as possible and in the manner that they want. Here is what makes a mobile website design effective and user-friendly.

  • Create a homepage that easily connects viewers to the content available on the website. Make other options available by using drop-down menus. Add the content of the webpage here which is not possible to access without scrolling down on the main page. Make the most common user options easily available.
  • Keep your site design simple and basic. On a small screen, flashy colors and widgets can be annoying and distracting. They also take up too much space and a lot of internet load; thus, slowing down the website as a whole. This makes users impatient and more likely to not visit the mobile website again. Either create a unique website design or build an adaptable version that runs on any device to its full capacity.
  • Go for a responsive website design. This is a great and popular option for businesses as it allows the website to be viewed on any type of device. Rather than developing a wide range of mobile websites for each device, the organization can go for one flexible and creative design. This saves time and money.
  • Keep the drop-down menu short and easy to understand. Users usually are in a hurry to get to the point. SO, it is better to organize the menu in such a way that few items are displayed but usability is not sacrificed.
  • Do not make promotions the highlight of your website. Some mobile websites tend to display promotions on the full screen that hides the main content of the website and also coerces viewers to install an app. This irritates the users and makes it harder for them to proceed further into the website. This also adversely impacts your search engine rankings. Therefore, make sure that they are easy to dismiss and do not distract the user from the actual purpose of the mobile website.
  • Make it quick and easy for visitors to find what they need. This can be done by making the site search option clearly visible on the screen. Visitors normally go for the search option the first time when looking for particular information. So, make sure that the search option is the first thing that is visible on the webpage rather than hiding it in the drop-down menu. Also, make sure theta the results brought about by the search are relevant. This makes it easier for the user.

Understanding what your user wants from your mobile website is the key to making your site more effective and user-friendly. Without good design, it would be difficult for a business to retain its visitors and build on its brand awareness campaign.

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