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What does custom blog creation offer for a business?

Have you ever given much thought to the little discreet blog tabs you so often find at the top corner, hidden away from plain sight? These little discrete compartments offer you a website within a website, and custom blog creation also offers fantastic opportunities for giving a boost to your SEO efforts.

There are numerous ways in which using a blog can help to boost your website, and thus your business. Some of these will be direct, and some less so, many will apply and appeal to your actual visitors and audience base, and others will pertain to the search engine.

First off, how does posting blog posts help the search engine, and with what results? The algorithms used by search engines like Google are exceptionally complicated, and they’re designed in order to push low quality content down the line, and to deliver the most relevant and high quality information first.

A blog has several respects with regard to the search engine. First of all, search engines rely on data to understand and contextualise your website and webpages, both within your own site and within the wider context of the web. By posting regular blog posts, you will offer more and more of that crucial data over time, allowing the search engine bots and crawlers to use more information, and in turn to have a better idea of what your content is about and who it will appeal to.

Another way that the search engine will respond to your blog posts is simply a matter of frequency. The more often you post content to your site, the more active the search engine will consider your website, and the higher your site will be listed in results (and the more first page placements you’ll receive).

If you use your blog effectively and post regular and quality content, your website will also benefit from the response of your audience. If you become the leading authority within your industry online, you’ll be sure to see big boosts in web traffic, sales, ad revenue, in receiving more backlinks from external sites, and in performance all round.

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