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Website development with an SEO specialist

Having an SEO specialist develop your website usually means one of two things, design or redesign, and this post will be dedicated to both; website design for a new website, as well as tips for redeveloping an existing site.

The main role of website development for a new site is to build a foundation for a great website. The implication of this is that your website is never truly finished and though this is obvious in certain respects, such as the need to add new content, you will also need to redevelop your site in other ways over time. Both to stop it from ageing and to keep up with recent steps in technology. Imagine a website built in the nineties compared to what we’re used to now.

The foundation of your website development needs to include all of the following, as well as the supporting architecture in place to continue to grow the site. You will firstly need to decide on how your website is going to look, as well as the overall format and blueprint of the site. This task will be unique to all websites, though you can look for guides and general shapes for inspiration from other sites, particularly those operating in your same industry.

The website will also, naturally, need content for all of the pages being built. You can, of course, create the content yourself, or otherwise, invest in a copywriter if more appropriate for your site. This is where another fundamental element of SEO enters, keywords.

Keyword research is all about finding the most appropriate terminology to use for your content in order for the search engine to effectively relate that content to the more common searches entered by users. If you can do these few simple things: designing your site, creating quality content, and using appropriate keywords; your website’s foundation is solid.

Over time you will want to build from the base of your website, once you know that it is functioning well at a simple level. Where you build from your foundations is up to you, however, we recommend doing a thorough survey of your website, and prioritising the areas in which your site is weak.  

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