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Video SEO Makes Conversion Rates Go Viral

In a world full of keywords and sitemaps, it is easy to forget that businesses that provide their customers with some sort of video information tend to sell 200 times more than their unfilmed competitors. The technique, called video SEO, has the potential to boost your sales and make you more widely-known on the web.  Learn how to improve your ideas with the tips below.

Widen Your Audience

If you have made a video pertaining to you product or service, it is wise to upload it to numerous video and streaming websites.  Try to look outside of YouTube, and find smaller-traffic web hosts that will allow customers to load your video faster.

While other domains are one option, another would be to find a player that is compatible with your webpage.  Try finding one on which you can upload in high-definition, and one that will load quickly for customers.  Make sure it is secure, as well, as there are many online video players that serve as host to viruses.

Stick it in Your Site

As we said above, video SEO should direct customers to your site and not just to YouTube.  Although YouTube should not be ignored in your crusade of video marketing, you should also take the time to include your videos in your website’s sitemap.

A sitemap, or a simple list of what is on your website, makes it easier for search engines to detect the contents of your pages and, thus, place you higher on the list of results for relevant searches.  Simply, this small action could lead to faster success.


When you are looking to enhance your company’s video SEO, it goes without saying that speed is key.  How many times have you gone to watch a YouTube video and, after hours of loading, you give up?

That is exactly what you don’t want to have happen to your, when trying to increase conversion rates for your business.  If you want to speed up your loading time, try searching for a player that is compact.  Today, there are several options that don’t necessitate the bandwidth of high-definition productions.

Our world is fast-paced, and therefore video SEO needs to run by its side.  If you’re looking for ideas, try checking out some of YouTube’s most popular features or asking a younger, more tech-savvy individual.

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