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Using custom blog creation to draw in traffic

Custom blog creation isn’t the immediate starting place for many, and it might seem like a reasonably indirect way to optimise your website with a Search engine, however it is actually a really advanced method to use, and is particularly great if you’ve already made a start on your design, content creation, and keyword research.

Using a blog for SEO
When you have a blog running on your website you will usually set up some sort of regular pattern for posting content, and each post should address one particular topic – relevant to your business – in greater detail than it has been covered elsewhere. As time goes on your blog will fill up to be a fountain of information, keywords, and help for all of your customers. For all of these reasons your blog will add to and build on top of your SEO efforts for your main website.

Adding an extra dimension to your site
By incorporating a blog into your website you will also add an extra dimension to your site. If you own a clothes shop then suggest outfits or combos or how-to-wear guides to get your customer enthusiastic and to build up a long-term way of selling your product in a less direct manner than on your main site. Your customers should come to see your blog as a place to look for advice and information that really helps them.

What it means to your reader
As we’ve examined above, there are lots of ways that a custom blog can be of interest to your reader, but you should also consider that every post on your blog is something which will stay dormant until a customer needs the info inside, once the search engine points them in your direction you will have many possible new entry points to your website which can bring in a great deal of extra traffic.

What it means to Google
Again, there are a number of cross purpose ways that a custom blog reads well with Google, as mentioned it will be full of info, as well as keywords, all of which help your website on the whole to rank with the search engine. Finally you will also give the search engine the impression that your website produces a lot of regular and consistent content, which is another boost to your site in the eyes of the search engine.

Although creating a custom blog perhaps isn’t the first port of call for SEO, it does work as an excellent advanced way to optimise your site and it will also make a difference to your customer, which the search engine likes too!

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