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Two Unexpected Ways to (Ab-)Use Custom Blog Creation Services

Custom BlogCustom blog creation is one of those things that everyone knows they want, and almost everyone has had done these days — kind of like Botox in the early nineties. It’s a common enough thing that most expert SEO fobs can deliver the spiel in their sleep: search engines love regular content, customers love having a ‘face’ to the company, etc, etc.

But if you think the be-all and end-all of custom blog creation is the opportunity to impress both Google and your clientele with your witticisms and clockwork posting of fresh content, you’ve got another thing coming. There are deep levels of interesting blog manipulation you can use to get results you never expected.

Twisting Google’s Words: the Power of Internal Linking Structure
When Google looks at a webpage (as opposed to a website, which is a collection of webpages united under a single URL), it takes an assessment of all of the links coming into that webpage. Links that come from external sources (i.e. different websites) can add two major factors to a webpage in Google’s eyes: authority and relevance.

Links that come from internal sources can’t add authority (or else Squidoo would rule the net as the single most internally-linked site in history), but they can add relevance. What this means to you is that you can use your blog to control which of your landing pages Google associates with certain keywords just by linking regularly to each landing page of your site from your blog, using the target keyword as anchor text.

Long-Tail Bullseye: Blog Posts as Landing Pages
Long-tail keywords are the bread and butter of PPC markers, but many SEO companies don’t really delve terribly deeply into the long-tail. That’s because if your site only has a half-dozen landing pages, you can only reasonably target maybe a dozen keywords, two per landing page.

But if you have a blog, you can focus a single post on a single obscure, long-tail keyword and pretty much nail that keyword’s dribble of traffic for years to come. It can take a while to research a few hundred long-tail keywords — and a year of every-weekday posting to nail them all to your door — but if you do, you’ll have a mass of otherwise-untargeted traffic all wrapped up around your little finger.

There are more tricks up your blog’s sleeve, believe us — but that will have to wait for another day.

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