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Top SEO tips to follow

When you first start trying to find your feet with SEO it’s easy to become a little overwhelmed and end up feeling lost. By doing some light research and finding a few top SEO tips you’ll find yourself feeling far more comfortable and with a good idea of what direction you should head in. In this post we’ll cover a handful of SEO tips essential for new or established websites.

Quality content
In many respects, this should remain your priority number one at all times. Even if you get everything else wrong, if you offer the very best content in your area, you’re likely to see pretty good results. Your audience visits your website because it is looking for something for which you are an expert, if you can offer man than the rest in your field then you’re sure to see healthy and consistent growth.

Simplistic design
When it comes to designing your website, try not to over complicate things. Whereas flashy website design can cause a number of issues, slowing your website to name one, there are very few negatives to keeping your design nice and basic.

Design for mobile
By now mobile design is every bit as important as designing for desktop. With pretty much everyone glued to their mobile or tablet 24 hours a day, you can’t afford to miss the traffic. If you fail to build a responsive design then you’ll find that many visitors click into your site, and disappointed by the functionality, they leave before looking around.

One key piece of advice that so few people get is not to be afraid of trying new things out. So long as you’ve built a solid website template, it will be easy to change elements and add in new tools to try them out. If you think they aren’t working well, the you can always change back, but if the change is a success, then that’s great! Over time you will make mistakes, but these are also essential if you’re ever going to grow.

Create a blog
Last but not least, why not try adding a custom blog to your site?

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