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Top SEO tips for starting your website

If you have recently put together your business, or you have finally decided to make the leap into the world of SEO, then you’ve found your way to the right place. In this post we’ll be looking at all the basics top SEO tips that you’ll need for getting started, as well as some more basic tips to keep in mind, perhaps for the future.

SEO Foundation
When you’re new to search engine optimisation, the first thing you should focus on is getting a solid foundation built, from there it will be possible to develop what you’ve started, and to try experimenting with new things.

Keyword research is the first thing that you should look at when starting to develop your SEO campaign. Keyword research has been a staple of SEO since websites were first built, but how exactly do they work?

The best way to think of keywords is when you look in the reference section of a book. You could scroll page to page looking for the particular term that you require, or by skipping the the appendix you can find it right away. The keywords in your content will correspond to the likely search terms entered into a search engine by your expected audience. These allow the search engine to know what the content of your web page is all about, and as such it will be more likely to recommend your page by placing it higher in search results.

Backlinks are hyperlinks to other web pages that relate to the content of your page. These help the search engine to understand what your site is all about.

Custom blog creation
Custom blogs work on two fronts, firstly by providing extra useful items to your audience, and by potentially attracting new visitors, on the other side your blog makes your site more active insofar as the search engine is concerned.

Responsive design
Responsive design allows your web developer to create you a website which functions for any device. You can now use one website that simply adapts to different devices with different screen parameters.

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