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Top SEO tips for building a business website

A business website differs from other kinds of websites in many distinctive ways because of the different role they play to entertaining of informative websites. In this post we take a look at some top SEO tips for how to build a full proof professional website for business use.

Tip number one is simplicity when designing for business. Unless you’re advertising something very particular like a Christmas themed website, then stay from red and other bright colours. If your logo is bright, that’s fine, just let the colour stand out by contrasting it with white and black for the remainder of your design. In general you should keep design elements and media to a minimum on a business website, though of course images will be key if you’re selling a product, this won’t be the case if you’re advertising a service.

In addition to keeping the appearance simple, you should also keep navigation as minimal as possible, with a clear and simple menu, and easy navigation throughout.

Next up, you want your business website to be functional and efficient as your business. If you operate solely online then your website is the only chance that your customer has to interact with you and your company, so they should have a professional experience. Pay particular attention to keeping your site running at high speeds, and add features like instant call buttons and map features if relevant.

Look to your rivals
Finally, before finishing your site, you should check out what your competition offers first. You should be able to notice if anything significant and important is missing from your own site, as well as getting a better idea of what you’re up against, and how you might be able to gain the upper hand.

One key principle of creating a successful website is to break your competition down, and to make sure that you offer everything they do, to the highest level of quality. Providing you can do this in at least a handful of key ways then you will eventually find your site performing well with the search engine.

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