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Top SEO Companies Understand The Value of Psychology

All SEO companies have a USP. They all try to offer you something that others can’t but nine times out of ten, they are all offering the same thing. One of the main reasons for this is that many SEO companies just go through the motions. They can offer the technical side of their business without thinking about it, but this of course means that they aren’t treating each client differently. The really good SEO companies are the ones who understand the value of psychology.

There is a technical side to SEO that can be learnt by anyone, but the very best companies will look beyond the technicalities of their job. They look at the website in front of them, and look at it from a human point of view. They don’t think about tags and techie things like that, they look at the user experience, and try to understand what a consumer wants to be getting out of a site and how they can help you to achieve that.

A top SEO company should analyze the business as a whole and not just the website that they have been asked to optimise. A good site will evolve over time, and will never e finished. It should almost be a living breathing entity, which is why a psychological approach has to be taken by the SEO Company responsible for making it run like clockwork. Many companies will rely on keyword stuffing to get what they want, but this tends not to work nowadays. Of course, keyword research is critical, but it is often this research that tells us not only which we should use, but also a completely different story about the people that are using the site. Once we can understand the user, we can start to adjust the site to its users, which obviously results in a better site all round.

This approach is of course a psychological one, but it truly highlights that all SEO approaches should be psychological. It shouldn’t take an expert SEO company to do this stuff. It is basic stuff, but something that a lot of people have lost sight of. Get back to basics, find an SEO company willing to learn about your users, and see your company grow!

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