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Top SEO 5 Tips

If you have opted for custom blog creation, it means you are looking to create a brand and, generally, something unique and captivating to draw visitors in. Traffic is a matter of top SEO tricks used effectively, which help search engines index your content easily and let your blog appear within the top results of a search. The top SEO strategies are important and easy to implement especially when it comes to custom blog creation. Nowadays, these actually represent a must in order to get visitors and boost sales. See what the SEO specialists would advertise first:

1. Research keywords. SEO specialists can look them up for you and thus you will know what people look for the most when they perform an online search. You can then build content around those keywords. Focus on one at a time. Use tools designed for keyword research, like Google Insight or Google Keyword Tool.

2. Never forget about the tags, meta-tags, and titles. SEO specialists suggest to place the keywords here as well, as this is one of the most solid top SEO strategies. Make your URL SEO-friendly as well, because it weighs a lot to the search engines.

3. Post comments. SEO specialists advise to place them on sites that rank higher, because you will then get quality backlinks. Install a plugin that shows how a page ranks and constantly comment on those blogs that have a good reputation.

4. Take good care of your images. Add photos to each post and pay attention to the alt tags. This is a top SEO strategy often ignored, as bloggers focus only on keywords. If you use the alt tags to describe your pictures, they will appear to users who perform online image searches.

5. Update your blog often. Google and other search engines prefer fresh content. Custom blog creation will encourage you to do that, also through the existing social bookmarking options. You will always hear from the SEO specialists that “content is king”. Remember to make it unique and to keep adding.

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