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The Key to Great Mobile Website Design

Mobile website design is part of making sure that your website looks great on a mobile device. Nowadays, the majority of people have some type of mobile device and perform most of their internet searches on them. When somebody goes to your website on their mobile device, they want to have quick access to the information they need. If your website is full of graphics and fancy layouts, it can be difficult to view on such a small screen. This is where mobile website design comes in handy. There are a number of ways to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile viewing, take a look at some of the suggestions below.

A Simple Design Goes a Long Way
There are many cool features that can be added to a website, from scrolling text to flashing graphics; however, these features will normally not render well (or at all) on mobile devices. The best bet is to keep your mobile website design as simple as possible. This doesn’t mean that your website needs to be completely basic, with just a title and text. The main thing here is to limit the number of images you use, try to avoid interactive features (pop-ups, scrolling text, and interactive images) as they can slow down the load time of a page and make the website difficult to read.

Easy Navigation
Working with a smaller screen can make mobile website design difficult; though it doesn’t need to be. Remember that people will be clicking on buttons with their finger on a small screen. This means that you should make buttons as easy to click as possible to prevent people from accidentally clicking on a link that they didn’t intend to.

Another part of easier navigation is the menu itself. With a small screen, many pages require a lot of scrolling from top to bottom in order to read the entire page. If a user is in the middle of a page and has to scroll all the way to the top to navigate to another page, it can make the entire process cumbersome. A good tip is to keep the menu in a fixed position, keeping to always visible at the top or side of the screen. This way users can quickly navigate to different pages without a lot of scrolling.

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