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The Changes You Need to Make With Your Blog Posting

So you have a blog, but don’t seem to be getting any subscribers, what is the problem?  For blog posting to work you may need to make a few changes in how you are doing it.  One great way to fix it is to hire an affordable SEO company to help set up everything for you.

However, here are some other tips to get you started on your custom bog creation and making blog posting work for you much better.

  • Custom domain and own hosting: It’s just a fact that the free blogging sites are not going to do your small business SEO any favors.  Simply put if you are serious about this, you should be serious enough about beginning your own domain.  It will be seen as more trustworthy and more serious by Google.
  • Use original content to solve problems: Google is trying to make sure you are offering something that is useful and relevant.  But the good thing is that blogs aren’t just about writing anymore.  Expand your ideas, add in more social bookmarking sites, and add photos, videos or even some fabulous podcasts to get your original content across to your readers, and listeners in this case!  You need to build the relationship with your readers.
  • Use organic SEO and make backlinks something you build in a natural way. You should never buy backlinks from anyone.  Google is on to those and they will ban you if they find out.

It may all sound a bit confusing and that’s why at times it’s best to simply talk to a Los Angeles SEO company and have them set it up for you the right way.  That way you can be sure you aren’t missing a vital step of the process, or doing anything wrong that could be the difference between success and failure.

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