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Successful PPC Managers: 10 things you should do every morning.

There are a lot of things a successful person does in the morning. If you are committed to the process of PPC management and really want your PPC campaign to be successful and maintain its success, there are some things you need to take care of every morning. And, we are not just talking about the regular brief checking in with your team members, which by the way you should be doing anyway. We are going to talk about 10 basic things you need to do every morning to keep yourself far ahead of your competition.

  1. Remove negative keywords. Junk keywords can disrupt your successful PPC management strategy. You would not be just losing precious customers but money too. So, every morning go through your junk keywords and remove them from the list that would only harm your reputation if you keep piling them up.
  2. Check how much you are spending on your ads. Keep track of your budget and see if you are actually going overboard with it. Make the necessary changes and cuts to avoid any trouble related to bankruptcy later.
  3. Check your lead generation. Always monitor how many leads you generated the previous day. It is a great way to adjust your strategy and motivate your team to work harder!
  4. Check your Google AdWords alerts daily. Alerts can include an expiration in a credit card can hinder with traffic or negative keywords pile up. You should not spend a lot of time on it but a glance would be super helpful for you.
  5. Keep your ears and eyes open for all changes within an organization. You need to be able to adapt and makes changes quickly. If a new page is launched or a new promotion is announced, you need to generate a PPC strategy for it and start out a campaign along with monitoring its results daily.
  6. Always be ready for surprises. New campaigns and updated keywords may be a little tricky and you might need to keep a close eye on them for the first few days. Check your Google AdWords to see the results every morning.
  7. Check your performance. Use the relevant metrics to help you do this like the conversion rate, average order value etc. Check if it is better or worse from yesterday’s performance and see what needs to be done to improve it further.
  8. Keep an eye on your industry. Always be one step ahead of your competition. Use Google Alerts to check for keywords most used in your niche and set up a system for them to be sent to your inbox daily. Look them up every morning and keep updating yours that would spike up your revenues.
  9. Monitor your ads. Check for their positions daily. Are they really in the position where you expected them to be in? See how they appear on the Google search engine result page and make sure they do not fall below your intended target.
  10. Peek into your analytics for PPC channel performance. See how your PPC strategy is doing in terms of revenue generation compared to the others. It can be a great source of motivation for your team.

As no two individuals are like, similarly no two PPC managers are alike. So, when you are putting together your morning routine, it may be a bit different from the things mentioned above. However, it is always the small things that matter the most. These things will make your life as a PPC manager more manageable and even successful.

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