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SpyFu and WordTracker

Among the list of best SEO optimization software products, SpyFu is on the top. This is particularly helpful if you are trying to investigate and get a lead on the tense niche markets. SpyFu is very useful for two important reasons. The most important reason is that it understands your competitor’s SEO platform and second reason is that it discovers under-service, underdeveloped or up-and-coming markets. SpyFu also has quite a few modules which include website modules, Keyword record module, Domain History module and Related Keywords Module.Several limitations occur in SpyFu in the sense that this app does not have deep keywords, some competitors, though this is changing. In addition, SpyFu’s data is monthly, not real-time.As pricing is an important factor for SEO tools SpyFu offers two basic pricing plans and one “agency” plan. The basic plan is $79 per month and $99 (discounts over 40% if you buy one year). Agency plan is priced at $ 999 a month. As a result it can be said that SpyFu is a solid SEO product. This is functional if you are desperate to check your competitors and find new market areas.Many small businesses and organizations uses WordTracker to research keywords, establish new links, and build up a deliberate SEO stage.There are three most important tools in WordTracker that are Keyword Tool which help you to research keywords. Second tool is Link Builder that can identify inbound link leads. The third tool is Strategist in order to take a look at your entire SEO ranking strategy.

WordTracker has many cool features for example the Link Builder tool is exceptional to WordTracker and cannot be establish on any of the products in this list. Strategists give you a bird’s eye view and you will not get anywhere else. There are few limitations of WordTracker that it usually produces below other services and the interface is not predominantly instinctive. Pricing is the most important factor as WordTracker includes a free 30-day trial. After this Monthly pricing of WordTracker is $69 per month whereas $449 annually.

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