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What is SEO Procedure?
SEO experts have come to countless different views or ideas on exactly how to pull SEO off – it’s a competitive field filled with many different ideas! You might be wondering: who’s right? Which kind of SEO specialist is better than another one? Well; to a certain point, they’re all right.

All SEO experts understand that content on web pages trying to bring in clicks and views have to be found as relevant by Google. Yahoo and Bing work a little bit differently, but a SEO expert knows what they’re talking about when it comes to different search engines. A couple of SEO experts might claim that web-crawlers can’t understand a concept or an idea when it comes to written content, so all you have to do is sneak in all the keywords.

Let’s Think About That
Search for a certain keyword and check out the articles you get. Notice something? A lot of them are different. These articles and web-pages show different sides of the story, they show different points of view to go about it – some humorous, some serious, some controversial – but they always show relevant content. If you think you can trick Google – you can’t. Search engines are smarter than you might think!

Google has made a fortune on search engines and they’ve come to be smart about it – and all major search engines look for quality content, content which isn’t just interesting to an audience but is of high quality. If you think SEO specialists can get away with poorly written or irrelevant articles, banish that illusion now: spelling and grammar is important when it comes to getting your content found, and a lot of article submission sites have a high bar when it comes to what they accept. If you had a good relationship with a major search engine, you wouldn’t want to sour it by publishing trash, would you?

It’s hard to keep up the flow of constant content – after a day of writing articles you just want to get a cup of coffee and slack off for a few minutes, which quickly becomes a few hours. SEO specialists know that – it’s why they’re valuable to you. They know how to work out content which attracts search engines and does it well. Remember: there are three different reputations on the line here, and all of them should be all in when it comes to SEO. You, your client, and Google. Don’t forget that: they won’t, and if their reputation suffers because of your work, they won’t come to you again.

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