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Online Marketing During A Pandemic: Four Things to Focus On

Online Marketing During A PandemicThe year 2020 has shown us that businesses cannot simply keep their head down and weather out the storm of a pandemic or other uncertain situation. While cutting costs may seem like an attractive short-term solution, your business will suffer the long-term consequences of not continuing to invest in your marketing efforts.

But in a time where things are wildly uncertain, what should businesses focus on?

One thing that has become markedly clear is the dominance of online marketing. The pandemic has accelerated the rate at which consumers consumed digital media and marketing. In a world where people are staying inside, if you’re not online, then you’re essentially invisible.

So, Where Should you Focus your Digital Marketing Efforts During These Uncertain Times?

While it may seem like there’s not a lot you can do at this time, the following strategies will help your business in the long-run.

1. Optimize your website

Consumers will be relying on your website more than ever to understand your business. Take the time to really review and optimize your site. Update any out-of-date information or add necessary information that is relevant to the current situation.

This may also be the perfect time to work with an expert agency in order to get a custom website designed for your business.

2. Invest in organic SEO

Of course, with customers spending so much time online now, it is important to be sure your business is easily found by potential customers. Ideally, a quick search engine inquiry should have your business displayed and ready for consumers to engage with. Investing in organic SEO now will not only help during the pandemic but for future visibility.

3. Stay connected through social media

With social distancing being emphasized, many consumers are turning to social media more than ever before to stay connected with the world around them. Social media is the optimal place to connect with your customer, but be sure to understand what they are needing and be

empathetic in your messaging. Social media marketing can be a handful to keep up with, so also consider turning to agency experts to maintain your social media strategy for you.

4. Create video content for your customers to engage with

The global pandemic has increased the demand for video content, with a majority of consumers saying that the global situation has increased the amount of content they watch online, according to Video Marketing Statistics 2021: The State of Video Marketing report. Now more than ever, your business should look to video marketing in order to engage with your customers. From creating explainer reels to social media videos, content is the key to keeping your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

We’re in this Together

As tough as things may be right now, consider it as an opportunity to strengthen your foundational marketing, such as through your website and SEO. Also, be sure to stay connected with your customers and be understanding of the situation. And of course, if you need additional help with your marketing efforts, DCM Moguls is here for you.

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