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Mobile website design for beginners

Welcome to our weekly SEO blog post. This week we will be taken an in depth look at mobile website design, and especially how you should approach it as a beginner. We’ll be covering everything you need to know before building your mobile site, as well as highlighting a few key focus areas.

First of all, what is the purpose of mobile website design?

As you probably know, browsing the web has now become the basic standard of all mobile devices, and this has transformed the way that we use the web with over 50% of all browsing now happening over tablet and mobiles. Mobile website design, is short, is the solution to creating websites which function properly on these devices.

You need to consider all of the ways that a mobile experience is different to browsing using a desktop PC, and to ensure that the experience isn’t affected when used with a mobile. One of the first things you should consider is page size.

Mobile web pages have considerably less space than most desktop monitors, and this means you’ll need to format all content so that it can be easily read using a smaller screen. The way that responsive design works means that this is easier than you might expect, but you should consider images and other media on your pages.

Another major difference between browsing with a mobile device compared to a desktop PC is that Internet connection is far less reliable when you’re on the move. What this means is that speed becomes more relevant when designing for mobile.

In order to speed your site up, your developer can ensure that all coding is a elegant and error free as possible. You should also consider removing any elements which slow your website down, and this can include a heavy use of high resolution images, as well as videos, and other heavy elements of your design.

Perhaps the best way of improving the running speed of your site, though, is to focus in general on developing your website to be as simple as possible. Otherwise long loading speeds are likely to turn away frustrated visitors.

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