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Key Features Of Social Bookmarking And Directory Submissions

There are several effective SEO techniques that are used today. Some techniques are paid, while some are absolutely free. The two SEO techniques, which I’m going to discuss here in this post are, Directory Submissions and Social Bookmarking. There are many benefits of using both the techniques, as they help in link building and boosting the presence on the internet. Directory submission is a technique in which you have to add your website link along with some other details on the directory sites. These directories are one of the best ways to get local traffic. Here are some of the advantages of using Directory submissions.

  1. Increased Back Links: Apart from generating traffic for your website, submissions in directories will help make a strong back link profile.
  2. More visits by the search engines’ ‘Bots’: Search engines’ bots are also called web crawlers, which index web pages from time to time. More visits by bots means higher search engine rankings.
  3. Brand Awareness: You can definitely increase brand awareness through directory submissions.
  4. Link Exchange Partners: Directories are the best place to exchange links.

The next important technique is Social Bookmarking, which is also as effective as directory submissions.

Social bookmarking can prove to be very useful in generating traffic. In social bookmarking, the users can save their websites’ links, which they wish to share with the public. These bookmarks can be private as well, depending upon the requirements of the user. They also offer many advantages, such as;

  1. Quick Indexing: Social bookmarks can bring fast results via indexing by the major search engines.
  2. Increased Traffic: Social bookmarking will increase the amount of traffic on your website.
  3. Improved Branding: Promotion and awareness of your brand can be easily done using social bookmarking.
  4. Back-links: Social bookmarking gives you the precious back links, which is very important for SEO purpose. Social bookmarking is absolutely free of cost and with a proper research, you can access high PR social bookmarking sites as well.

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