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How to use Video SEO to increase traffic

More and more SEO specialists are discovering the unrivalled potential of video SEO as a marketing tool. So far, the most successful online marketing strategy is one that incorporates video SEO among other marketing tools such as custom blog creation, PPC Management, social bookmarking etc.

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When used effectively, Video SEO can have a great impact on your online marketing strategy. This is precisely why you should hire top SEO Company to help if you lack the skills and experience.

Do-It-Yourself Video SEO

How do you reap maximally from your video SEO campaign? How do you pull it off all by yourself? To begin with, you need to maintain high quality with your videos and screencasts. Before launching your video SEO, buy or hire high quality equipment that will give the highest video quality. Keep in mind that actual people will watch your videos. As such, you do not want to compromise on quality. You can only expect better response rate if you host high quality videos.

Research and Gather Relevant Keywords

Your video SEO strategy is only effective if you can effectively reach your target audience. How do you reach this audience? The secret lies in the right keywords. Before you roll out your video SEO or any other strategy, you need to have a list of keywords that are used by your target audience to look up your products. A basic web search will return a good number of keywords, but experts recommend hiring SEO specialists who provide customized solutions for your website.

Short Videos that are on point

Your videos should be short and to the point. Short videos are cheaper to make, and are lightweight hence faster to load. Smaller videos are also perfect for mobile website design. In this time and era, you need to be able to advertise even to users who access the web on their mobile devices.

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