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How Targeted Email Marketing Delivers

Every online marketing specialist knows that email campaigns are one of the most efficient strategies for increasing client engagement, and at a low cost. To really expand sales and multiply your growth, you need to go one step further and implement targeted email marketing techniques. A well-thought out approach will increase your site traffic, generate new leads and inspire old customers to return. The goal is to promote your brand identity by creating a buzz about your company. Here are some of the guidelines to follow when designing your campaign.

  • Know your Target. The foundation of targeted marketing starts with knowing who you’re speaking to. You have to be familiar with what your ideal customer wants or needs; you then need to know how you can fill that gap. Customers only want to know one thing when they are shopping: why they should purchase from you instead of your competition.
  • Know your Competition. You have to know what your competition is doing in their marketing efforts. We all have a huge database at our fingertips – the internet. Check social media pages, blog posts and websites. Find out what their customers are saying about them. It’s free information and the more knowledge you have, the better you can design your strategies and initiatives.
  • First Impressions. Right or wrong, our culture forms judgments based on appearances. You can use this bias to your advantage by designing modern, crisp and pleasing emails and newsletters. Make it reflect the personality of your brand by using the same colors, fonts and logos.
  • Permission Based. Build your email lists through subscriber permission. This ensures that you are speaking to a pre-qualified audience. Avoid bombarding recipients with endless promotions and sales – if you become annoying, they will choose to “opt-out”.
  • Track Results. Each campaign lays the foundation for the next. By tracking results, you quickly learn what works and what didn’t and each subsequent campaign can be modified to ensure continued success. You want to know how many emails were opened, read, marked as spam and how many recipients clicked through.

Today’s ecommerce environment requires marketers and business owners to use every tool available. Investing time and money into a targeted email marketing campaign produces great results quickly and at a low cost.

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