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How does an SEO Specialist spend their day?

Search engines over time have become an imperative part of the marketing of multinational companies and local ones too. However, very few actually know what search engine optimization is. Most people think that SEO is using a few keywords here and there on webpages to get the job done. But there is much more to search engine optimization than just a few keywords. An SEO specialist comes into the picture here. No matter how much you know about organic traffic, webpage ranking etc. you can not always dedicate enough time and effort to SEO. Keep on reading to learn more about what goes on in a day of an SEO Specialist.

Keywords are an important part of SEO. Google continuously changes its algorithm to shuffle and rank websites. Keywords are one of the core aspects it uses in the process. Choosing the correct keyword and the correct quantity of them is imperative for an effective SEO campaign. This is the job of an SEO specialist. A specialist will search for all keywords that are relevant to optimize an SEO campaign.

Link building is essential in SEO. Search engines just do not look at what the business has to offer in terms of the content and webpage but also the opinions of others about the company. And, how do these opinions get known? Simply through links present in the content. Links show that these websites are confident that the company’s content is original and reliable. An SEO specialist looks for opportunities to get legitimate websites linked to your webpage.

An SEO specialist makes new URLs to monitor where traffic is flowing in from. This helps track which source is generating how much source. This helps manage campaigns when they are multiple running at the same time.

An SEO specialist checks the company’s website, landing pages and keyword analytics continuously to make sure they are functional and up to date. Analytics also help manage traffic and optimize the SEO campaign.

An SEO specialist spends a great amount of their day looking into the latest technology and trends in the marketing world. They read articles, blogs and forums to keep up with the changes and developments in SEO. Search engines are continuously updating their algorithms, so an SEO specialist is always ready so they are not caught off guard.

They spend a significant amount of time with other team members to run an effective digital marketing campaign. The social marketing team, content management team and the public relations team along with the SEO specialist work together to boost the image of the company, release material publicly and to create content that is optimized for SEO.

These tasks may vary from person to person, but all SEO specialist work on the above-mentioned task some way or the other. Typically, SEO specialists start off their day by catching up on the latest trends and planning strategies for the day. All in all, every day is pretty much busy for these specialists.

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