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How custom blog creation optimises your site

If you’ve covered most of the basics of SEO for your site, like website design, and some good keyword research in your content, then it’s time to start looking for some more innovative ways to optimise your site. One method that you might not have considered but which is inexpensive and can play a huge role in your SEO successes is custom blog creation.

Custom blog creation involves building a separate part of your website which will be dedicated to short posts of information and or entertainment for your clients. Whenever you see a “blog” tab in the menu of a website, this is essentially what a custom blog is.

New content
A blog works in many different ways to act as an effective SEO tool for your site, and it can lead to traffic increases, and an improved rating with search engines. One of the main things that drive blog success is the new content it allows you to offer your audience. Blog posts don’t need to be essential, as with the main pages of your site. Instead they can offer tutorials, new up to date information, or simply a bit of fun to your audience.

Niche / specialist appeal
Another way to use your blog is to go a little deeper into certain interests than you do on your main site. If, for example, your company sells swimming costumes, then it won’t be relevant to discuss who won the gold medal in 400m breaststroke in the Olympics. If, however, you wish to dedicate a blog post to Olympic swimming medalists, this is perfectly appropriate. Though this niche or specialist appeal won’t be for your main readership, it might well make a big difference to your die hard audience.

Next, your blog space offers you the opportunity to be the authority in your industry. By offering more and better info than your competition you can attract a community that respect the content you offer them.

Search engine
Finally, your blog will optimise your site by appealing to the search engine. Each post you make, and each click you receive, all go together to be read by the search engine, and all make a difference to how your site will be judged in the end.

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