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When the internet first started, it was recognized that making use of the search engines could be very profitable as an advertising media. This started to produce people who became expert in SEOtechniques and they were referred to as SEO specialists.

As the internet world was developing, so did the techniques that these SEO specialists used, continuously updating their systems to keep place with the changing market.
Search Engine Optimization is the perfect advertising media for newly created companies whilst once a business is suitably entrenched, a pay per click (PPC), system can take its place as the ideal promotional resource.

SEO Specialists
As the SEO techniques were still developing, colleges and universities were hesitant in accrediting students in this field, as by the time they were accredited their techniques may already be outdated. This meant that most SEO specialists were self taught. Now though that it is considered that the SEO techniques have reached their peak and no further advances will be made, colleges and universities are beginning to accredit students whether from campus or on-line.

This does not mean that an accredited SEO specialist is the best, as there may be better ones who were self taught and kept themselves updated as they went along, plus of course they may have that one quality that a university cannot offer: Experience.

What would be assured though, by hiring a university accredited SEO specialist, is that you would know with certainty that they had at least a basic knowledge of expert SEO techniques, something you can’t know of with an unaccredited freelance SEO specialist.

If you are already a thriving business, why would you or should you be interested in hiring an expert SEO specialist?

The answer to this is that the PPC advertising business has not yet matured and the correct strategies in using this ever increasingly popular advertising media are essential in keeping your business thriving. Many of the techniques used in SEO are also relevant in the PPC arena and so SEO specialists are well suited to take on this relatively new field.

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