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Give your customers more with custom blog creation

Custom blog creation is an advanced method of SEO that involves opening up a (usually very discrete) small section of your website which acts as a blog within your website. There are plenty of ways that this less common form of SEO can make a big difference to your website, but in this post we want to focus on what it means to your customer, since this will, in turn, reflect on you as a website and a business.

Think of a blog as a tardis full of useful information, like a library or reference section of your main website. Just like a reference section in a book, your blog might be something that only 5% of your normal traffic uses, but this isn’t a bad thing.

Your website will hold the bulk of the information that your users or customers will need, however every now and then it’s normal if someone wants more in depth information which would overcrowd your nice clean well designed web layout, as well as being too much info for the bulk of your customers. So point one, custom blog creation allows you to keep the pages on your website clean and simple, perfect for the bulk of your users.

For those of users who do make use of your blog, there are more benefits. Your customer can find the extra information for your goods or services direct from you, saving them time for convenience.

All of these added benefits to your customer will of course naturally come around to benefit your business too. Your helpfulness with particular problems and with useful information will encourage customer loyalty,  and your users will share links to your useful blog posts with others. Furthermore what makes blog posts so unique is that they are usually very brief, and concise to the point and this brings some additional benefits to your potential customer base.

For every possible relevant concern that is related to your industry, there is someone out there looking for answers. If you hold the monopoly on these answers then you will have a really broad net to catch customers who might otherwise never have found your website.

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