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Get the Best Out of Video SEO

Videos are supposed to represent an important part of your SEO content strategy. In order to make an impression on the search engines, video SEO must not be left aside when you optimize your site. Competitive keywords can be easily linked to this type of content as well. A first top SEO tip for better results is to include keywords within the file name and to assign captions to every video you present. This is the first method by which anyone can do video SEO for their website. If the material is hosted on YouTube, make sure you allow users to post comments.

If you want to get the best out of video SEO, meaning to draw increased traffic to your pages or sell something, you should avoid YouTube as a hosting service and place the content directly on your site. There, social bookmarking buttons can make a great combo. When you add social bookmarking to your pages, the benefit can be huge; users will find your content and distribute it themselves through sharing it on social networks – and everyone knows how viral videos can be! Not only that you will be getting viewers to see your content, but they will also spread it around with just one click.

Resorting to video SEO is one of the top SEO strategies because many users perform online searches for videos, and the search engines have algorithms to find the appropriate ones. To let Google discover the content you submit, go to Google Webmaster Tools, create a video XML sitemap and submit it there. Specialized online services can generate the sitemap for you as well. If you decide to do it yourself, you will need to provide the title, a description, the URL of the page it is displayed on, a URL for the thumbnail you want to appear, and one for the raw file location. Don’t overlook the importance of keyword research. For real efficient video SEO, consider the related top SEO tips concerning keywords.

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