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Expert SEO: Using Adwords Data To Find Killer Keywords, Part I

Do PPC campaigns and SEO campaigns go hand in hand? Answer: yes they do! That is, if you are working with an SEO company who knows how to make both campaigns sing to the same tune.
Many people have their favourites. Typically, people who want quick results like the no nonsense approach of PPC. They pay their money, keywords are bid for, and money is made. Of course, the art is to find the right adwords and spend the right amount of money on them, but to the layman, it is a straight forward process. Others prefer the otherworldly aspect of SEO! It’s a mystery to some people, but nevertheless they enjoy the idea of something quite organic developing over time as all of the adjustments to the site knit together. A select group of rather smart people though, understand that there can be nothing better than an SEO and PPC campaign run in conjunction with each other.

An Expert SEO company who is running PPC and SEO services for a client will immediately understand the benefit of running both together. The Adwords data that is drawn up is of course a fundamental part of a PPC campaign, but used correctly, it can also be a major part of an SEO campaign too. Once you have a good idea of the adwords which are working for PPC and which are not only drawing people to the site but also converting those visits into business, you can use that knowledge to adapt the SEO strategy to fit. You can target the terms that bring in the money, rather than aimlessly optimising a site for keywords you believe are likely to bring in the money. A PPC campaign shows you exactly which terms work, and takes the guesswork out of choosing the right keywords for your SEO campaign.

With a PPC Management campaign in place, you can really add some quality to your SEO. To use the analogy of a retail shopping store, why would you restock your shop inside and paint the walls, without ordering a shiny new sign for the front awning? A belt and braces approach of SEO and PPC means one thing – you are taking your business seriously and you know the best way to achieve success!

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