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Custom Blog Creation, is it worthwhile?

In this week’s post we’re taking a look at custom blog creation and which type of businesses can best utilise them for their benefit. It’s true that there is no right or wrong type of company for blogging, and even the most unlikely industry might do well from using custom blog creation to give their online SEO campaign an extra dimension.

One type of business which blog space would be particularly profitable for is any which sells or uses anything technical. This can be anything from teaching a skill to selling a product or tool which may either require training or instructions to use. But really any website which sells a product which their customer takes an active interest in is a great example.

Another example might be any luxury items, watches for example or specialist jewellery. Anything where you are likely to have a customer base who have a really strong interest in the product is a great example of where a blog might work really well. More information can add value to a product and create buzz around a brand.

Another way that your custom blog will work in your favour is with how your website relates to search engines. As we’ve said a blog is a place where you’ll keep a real reservoir of information, and posts will often be short, sweet, and to the point.

Each of these blog posts has specific information inside, and all of this information is a potential pull for incoming traffic. The more areas you cover the more different search terms your posts will relate to, and the more customers you’ll bring into your website.

Plus making frequent and consistent posts on your website, whether it’s on your main site or a blog looks great to Google and other search engines. Rather than appearing stale and inactive a website with a blog is continually creating new and original content, and this scores well when it comes to search engines.

So what started as a way to give customers extra information quickly becomes a new form of SEO which can help you to boost traffic and which can shortcut you toward first page placement.

Your custom blog shouldn’t be your only form of SEO, and it won’t alone suffice to bring in big consistent traffic, but as a part of your SEO campaign a blog can none the less be a really useful addition to your arsenal.

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