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Building a Network with Social Bookmarking

The internet has become a part of many people’s daily life as they stay connected at home, at work and while travelling. Having different devices at different places it has become less practical to have a single source of information saved to a computer, tablet or smart phone. This has led to many cloud based services where any device with an internet connection can access this information so that whenever you are connected you have everything you need from contacts to files automatically accessible.

Links to web pages, articles and interesting websites has traditionally been stored in a browser’s favorite or bookmark area. The growth in social media and the need for a ubiquitous way of storing links and sharing them has led to the increased use of social bookmarking.

Online Bookmarking
These online bookmarking sites allow you to store links to favorite sites, important articles and information that you want to keep handy. As it is stored entirely on the internet not only is it available to you on any internet connected device but it is also available to others. Sharing bookmarks and links has become one of the main drivers of social media’s incredible success with interesting content creating tidal waves of people to link, share and comment on a message, a link or a piece of content.

Networking Socially
Social bookmarking sites create huge networks of information that people share allowing interesting information to flow remarkably quickly to people in all parts of the world that are interested in it. This is something that many businesses are trying to use to help them connect with customers that are interested in their products and services.

High Value Links
The bookmarking sites and the social media networks are very popular sites and so any link to them is of high value with the potential to draw huge numbers of visitors to a webpage or piece of content. This means that by carefully linking informative high quality content to these sites you can also massively increase the people coming to your site.

SEO Potential
SEO is a massive buzzword but all it really means is finding ways to improve your ranking on search engines. Social bookmarking when used sparingly with quality video, image and written content is a low cost way to maximize the SEO value of that content and at the same time organically create paths for visitors to come to your website.

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