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Boosting Traffic with PPC Management

At DCM Moguls we specialise in developing websites and web strategies in order to drive growth and sales for online businesses. Though many of the techniques and tasks that we carry out for our clients fall under the umbrella term SEO or search engine optimisation, in this post we’d like to devote our attention to PPC management.

PPC is not SEO, though it is related, and somewhat aimed toward a common goal. This being to develop your website. Whereas all SEO methods are somehow related to synchronising the way that your website works with the recommended way to do things according to the search engine, PPC can be seen in a way as a shortcut around SEO.

Before we go any further, what exactly is PPC and PPC management? seo9

PPC (pay per click) refers to a particular type of online advertising. Whenever you see a sponsored link on Google, that is a PPC advert.

The way that PPC ads work is unique insofar as – as the name suggests – you only pay for each click that your ad registers, or in other words for each visitor that enters your site via the link.

There are a number of key benefits to using pay per click advertising, including the way that the pricing works, allowing micro businesses to compete with the biggest names in the industry. Unlike paying for a billboard advert you will only pay for actual clicks and can cancel and edit your adverts quickly and easily.

Ultimately though, PPC ads are valuable because they allow you to streamline your content to the very first page of search results, meaning that a far larger audience will see your website name, and even click onto your website. PPC managers work with you to create the adverts, while constantly striving to lower costs, and improve your returns.

With PPC marketing you will not only see a short term boost to your traffic and revenue, but these new visitors will also become your new regular clientele, growing your business in the long-term.

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