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Beating Bigger Rivals with PPC Management

In this week’s post, we’ll be taking a look at how PPC Management works, and how you can use it to beat bigger rival companies to the top of search results. Before we go any further, though, what is PPC Management?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and refers to a form of online marketing. Whenever you make a search on Google you are likely to see a certain number of sponsored ads, and these are the form that PPC adverts take.

Just as the search engine indexes and ranks websites and pages in order of relevance whenever you make a given search, they also do the same basic things with sponsored pages.

The main benefit of these adverts is that they project your content right to the very top of the search results, even before those of your largest rivals, who have often invested the most in developing search engine optimisation.

These ads are also cost-effective, and you are completely in control of your budget. The name pay per click is taking from the fact that you only pay for each real click of a visitor entering your site via the ad, rather than paying weekly, or monthly.

PPC Management involves designing, creating, and managing your PPC campaign. Your PPC manager will use keyword tools to decide how to target the right audience for you. Once the adverts are live your manager will analyse how well each of your adverts is performing, editing weaker ones.

Your PPC manager will be responsible for ensuring that your campaign comes in at a budget and will aim to cut costs where possible. They can use techniques to attract high volumes or to target specific long-tail searches that represent a higher probability of sales conversions, depending on what the client wishes to prioritise.

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