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Basic SEO vs a Top SEO service

There is no fixed way of doing SEO, and different companies will require different levels of service. If you own one restaurant and simply want a website for directing local customers to your address and give some information about the restaurant and menu then a simple basic SEO package is likely to be more suitable. But for many other companies competing at different levels means a top SEO service is an important part of competing.

Basic SEO

You don’t necessarily need to buy a package when investing in SEO (though it may be a great value solution for a basic campaign), you can request individual jobs like responsive design or keyword implementation. The list of all the different ways a website can be optimised for the search engine is long, but here is a few.

SEO service:

  • Keyword research
  • Website design
  • Mobile website design
  • Custom blog creation
  • Tidying meta titles / descriptions and url names
  • PPC marketing

Top SEO service

Most of what goes into receiving a top SEO service involves taking basic practices further. Every element has a more simplistic solution as well as more elaborate ones.

Keyword research for example can be taken further simply by investing in more time spent on the task. By spending more energy researching short as well as long tail keywords and cleanly implementing them to your web copy you can make the keyword use more effective at pulling in traffic over time. By analysing how Google ranks a webpage before and after making changes you can slowly make your keywords a lean and effective SEO technique over time.

Design again is something which widely varies for different websites as you’ll no doubt have seen. Some are very basic, others come with web apps or more advanced design elements. Here are a few great ways that a top SEO service can give your website design an edge:

  • Hidden menus
  • Responsive design
  • Ghost buttons
  • Horizontal scrolling

Remember though that before you try to run you should make sure that your feet are firmly grounded on the floor.  An elegant, simple, easy to navigate website is the foundation that you should build from.

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