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Add a new dimension to your site with custom blog creation

For most of the search engine optimisation practices used by web developers, we can intuitively tell why and how each optimises your site in relation to the search engine and your viewers interest. However, when it comes to the subject of custom blog creation, there generally seems to be a lot of confusion over how it works to optimise your site. The main result of all of this confusion is that many simply forego to add a custom blog to their site. In this post we’ll be looking at how exactly a custom blog optimises your site, and why it is a worthwhile SEO investment.

The first thing to note is that the algorithm which a search engine like Google uses to rank and rate the vast sea of content online is very complex, and takes thousands of factors into account. What this in effect means is that while we like to simplify things into neat categories, the truth is that a blog, as with many SEO techniques, plays many different roles in terms of optimising your page. There are however two main ways that your blog will play a big SEO role.

First of all, your blog will optimise your website by appealing to what the search engine is looking for. This includes many, many things, however one of these is the rate of activity of your site, and blog posts are one of the best ways of keeping a regular feed of new content to your site. The search engine will also respond positively to new traffic entering your site via the blog, as well as by the rate of return on your visitors.

The next major way that custom blog creation works to optimise your site is by appealing to your customer base. By offering more, and better content than your competition, you will naturally see positive results from your followers. This will in turn be read positively by the search engine, creating a golden loop of SEO progress. Anything that has a role in appealing to your audience is likely to have a similar effect with the search engine, since this is exactly the role of a search engine.

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