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3 Key Social Bookmarking Tips

One of the most tried and tested of all SEO methods, social bookmarking has evolved over time while retaining its core role. Social bookmarking offers enormous potential for online businesses to promote their site, simply and cost-effectively.

Social bookmarking is much like when you bookmark a page to return to later, the difference is that social bookmarking is open to a wide network of people. Examples of some of the most prominent social bookmarking sites include Reddit.

When posting links to social bookmarking sites you will select relevant keywords, as well as some small anchor text. There’s no limit in theory to how many links you may post or how many sites you can use, but below we offer a few guiding principles for going about the task. seo3

Tip 1: Take things slow
While there are no strict limits on how many social bookmarks you can post, experience shows that posting too many links gives off a negative impression of being desperate for clicks. Instead, you should focus on a few of the most relevant social bookmark sites, and limit yourself to a handful of links each time you post.

Tip 2: Diversify
Rather than choosing one bookmark site and using as your go-to, it’s important to experiment with different sites. Each bookmark site will have its own community and some websites will work better on one than the next. By utilizing sites that you know always work well for you, but also by trying out new sites, you’ll be able to save time and increase clicks and discover the best way to do things for your business.

Tip 3: Original Keywords and Anchor Text
Rather than always using the exact same format when posting, try out different formats and keywords to see what works best for you. Equally, use original content in your anchor text to distinguish you from the competition.

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