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DCM’s calculator shows the bare minimum of what our clients can expect to make from our marketing efforts. To calculate a more accurate amount, please see below:

  1. On average, a client stays with the same business for 5 years or more.
  2. On average, each client brings at least 5 to7 referrals in their LTV time frame.

For example, a Dentist’s revenue from one patient is approximately $1000 per year (if no major work is needed, such as root canals or extractions). Statistically a patient stays with the same business at least 5 years, the dentist can make at least $5000 from one patient. Each patient then provides an average of 5 referrals to the dentist. As a result, $5000 + 5 referrals x $1000 = $30,000 would be a closer estimate of the real revenue you might generate from one client.