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My name is Brisa and I'm the office manager at Winnteka Dental we signed up with Dot Com Media 6 months ago and we have revived a lot of new patients and referrals! We are so happy that we decided to use them! We had been burned before and we scared to sign up again but we are glad we did. I would recommend this company to any business looking to grow.

Canyon Country, CA
Brisa A.

Before choosing DCM Moguls I was lucky if I was getting 2 hits a day from organic traffic on Google, Yahoo and Bing . DCMMOguls.com was targeting my site with about 25 different keywords. All of the keywords they were trying to optimize had no rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing prior to their work has begun! Now all of my keywords are ranked: 2 in the top 10, 4 in the top 30 and the rest in the top 50. Now I’m getting 35-40 hits a day on nearly 40 different keywords! They provided plenty of detailed reports letting you know exactly how your keywords have changed since the last update. I’m really happy with their results and communication.

S. R.

Wow , what a service. We got results with in 2 weeks and dominating our local market area. We had 2 companies before performing SEO for us and nothing got in return, just a bad taste in our mouth. Now we gain believe that Organic Results could be our business future in getting new clients, Thanks guys

Arlnold G.

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