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Your PPC Management and Your SEO Guy Should Be Working Together

The best advice you can take from anyone in terms of your PPC and SEO campaigns is to make sure you have synergy. If those guys aren’t working together, you have to ask why, and you have to make sure it changes!

Firstly, despite the fact that they are very different ways of increasing your online popularity or revenue, they are linked in many ways. Secondly, Your PPC Management team can help your SEO team more than you might imagine, and vice-versa.

PPC is all about spending money upfront to bid on terms you think your buyers are searching for online to find the products or services they want. Quite simply, your PPC team should be doing research to find out what terms your potential clients are using, and they should be figuring out what you should be bidding to make sure you are getting enough clicks to improve your sales levels of traffic. You might ask why your SEO team needs to know about this, but frankly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out! Your SEO team will be delighted to know which adwords are proving popular with your buyers, because this will tell them which keywords to really target when they are link building for you, or when they are optimising your content! If you have an adword which is affordable and really converts visitors into buyers, then you know it’s going to be a great keyword for SEO purposes too.

On the other hand, if you have been running an SEO campaign for some time that is successful but you decide to run a PPC campaign alongside, it is going to be extremely useful for your PPC team to understand what the site is optimised for.

Finally, if you have SEO specialists working for you who have PPC and SEO people on staff, they may well tackle different areas of issue separately. For phrases that you are already ranking well for, you may choose just SEO, but for those phrases where you really are off the map, it will be a good idea to start off with PPC to increase traffic. However you look at things, having an SEO team who works with the PPC team can only be an advantage!

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