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You don’t have to stop your PPC management, but you should let us do it for you

Okay, so your PPC bill is getting out of control. Do you stop running ads right now? You don’t have to stop your PPC management, but you should let us take it over for you. It’s only an expense if you’re not getting a return that’s more than what you’re putting into it. If you’re spending $2 for every $1 you’re getting back, there’s something wrong. Let our team of PPC professionals get those numbers to where they’re supposed to be. Two to one is only a good ratio if it’s going in the other direction.

The key to PPC is the keyword selection. There’s a common misconception that loading as many keywords as possible into your Google Adwords campaign is the best way to go. If you do that, you’ll get a ton of clicks, and very few conversions. Making money on Pay per Click isn’t about volume; it’s about relevance. If you’re an auto mechanic and you’re running auto sales keywords, your traffic will be irrelevant. If they’re not interested in buying what you have to sell there’s no reason to bring them to your website.

Another valuable piece of information you should have when running a PPC campaign is a list of high traffic, low competition keywords to focus on. We compile that list first and then we run some test ads to determine what the conversion rate will be. If a keyword costs $1 per click and you make $100 per sale, you need a conversion rate of 1% to break even. Those numbers are pretty steep. Our team can help get the costs down and the conversions up. We can also incorporate other elements to make it more profitable, like a sign-up box we can use later for a targeted email marketing campaign.

Getting a thousand hits on a PPC campaign is good only if you get the conversions to justify the expense. Some of the long tail keywords we use may only get ten hits, but five of them will be sales because the keywords are targeted to the market you’re selling to. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that volume means success. PPC is not organic SEO. The visitors you get on a PPC campaign are only coming once. If they don’t find what they’re looking for, they go someplace else, at your expense.

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