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Will Dentists Use the Metaverse and Blockchains?

Digitalization is a disruptive force across all industries. It has changed the way people work, play, and interact. Before the dawn of the internet age, people had to share physical space to glean the benefits of collaboration. But that has quickly become an outdated notion. The embrace of new technologies connects people across all geographic barriers.

Even a hands-on field like dentistry is not immune to this sea change. Forward-thinking dentists are using the Metaverse to improve their lives and the lives of their patients. There are many ways dentists utilize the Metaverse and Blockchain technology to their benefit. Here are some examples of how medical professionals are seamlessly merging the worlds of dentistry and this exciting digital frontier. 

Virtual Rehearsals: Training future dentists occurs online with increasing frequency. Sure, it’s nice to have a guiding hand physically present to learn the craft of dentistry. But that isn’t always feasible, making virtual dental training an attractive option for many in the field. Livestreaming is the broadcasting of media in real-time over the Internet. Veteran dentists are availing themselves of live streams to teach a new generation of dental students the tools of the trade from anywhere on earth. In addition, it’s now common for instructors to teach dental procedures on one side of the country, or the world, to a group of students on the other. 

Consultations With Patients: The era of needing to go into a dentist’s office to receive a diagnosis is long past. Thanks to advancements in the Metaverse, consulting with a live dentist is as simple as logging onto the Internet. Many lives will improve by not having to leave home to describe a problem to a dentist. Yes, some dental procedures still need to be handled live. But a lot of the time-consuming prep work can take place on the Metaverse so that the time of patients and dentists is better valued. 

Training in VR: Virtual Reality (VR) uses computer technology to create a simulated environment covered in 360 degrees. Dental students no longer need to practice on a mannequin. It can happen using VR, which is more convenient for both professors and students. VR offers greater flexibility, as well. Instructors must alter training mannequins after each use. But this happens in VR with a few clicks. It’s a true game-changer in the world of dental training.

The Metaverse is one place the dental industry is looking to improve its connection with patients. But it’s not the only one. So now, let’s cover some ways that Blockchain technology is positively impacting the business of dentistry. 

Making Data More Transparent: A Blockchain is a digital record of data duplicated to make the data impossible to alter. It might sound complicated. But Blockchain can help consumers in many ways. Primarily, it ensures that your data stays personal. On the Blockchain, patients and dentists must mutually agree to alter any information on the network. As a result, the Blockchain is a more transparent place, where doctors and patients are accountable to each other. Any technological advancement that increases accountability is a step forward. 

Data Is More Secure: Most data online are stored on a single server, meaning that if hackers infiltrate a server, all of the data on that server is compromised. But that hazard doesn’t exist on Blockchain. Every transaction is encrypted automatically, then tagged to similar transactions, stored on a network of servers instead of just one. Hacking is a borderline-impossible task on Blockchain. Cyber-criminals want to keep you off the Blockchain because it’s a secure place to store your data. Wouldn’t you feel safer knowing that sensitive info regarding your dental history is stored in a location that prying eyes can’t access?

The Patient Is in Charge: Unfortunately, there are few widely-accepted guidelines in the dental business regarding record keeping. It’s free for all. Your dentist could be selling your records to a third party, and you’d be none the wiser. But the decentralization of Blockchain puts patients first when it comes to who can access their data. Everybody on Blockchain can view the status of all the data in real-time. This should squelch any urge your dental provider might have to make a profit from selling your data. There’s a common saying: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” The open nature of the Blockchain keeps everybody honest, shining sunlight in places that used to be dark. That’s a win for patients everywhere.  

Dentacoin: Everybody has likely heard of Bitcoin. But there’s another cryptocurrency in the marketplace, created specifically for the dental industry. It’s called Dentacoin. Patients using this revolutionary form of currency receive tokens redeemable for reduced rates on dental care, just for minding their dental health. Dentists who adopt Dentacoin enjoy better online search ranks results than ones who don’t. It’s a victory for everybody involved. 

The tech world is changing by the hour. Innovation is the coin of the realm. Those who don’t keep up are left in the lurch. No part of the tech world is changing faster than Metaverse and Blockchain. These represent the future of business. Individuals who adapt early to the coming change will profit handsomely. 

The dental industry hasn’t historically been adaptive to electronic modernization. But that is changing, given dental professionals’ embrace of the Metaverse and Blockchain. Dental professors can train students with ease from anywhere in the world on the Metaverse. Dentists consult with patients from the comfort of patients’ homes. VR allows students to prepare for the myriad of challenges they will encounter more effectively than physical mannequins. 

On the Blockchain side, reams of patient data are collected transparently and stored securely. All this transparency and security redounds to the benefit of one entity: The Patient. As more dentists accept Dentacoin, the possibilities of patient/dentist connectivity will grow. 

The sky is the limit for the future of dentistry. But this bright future is only possible if both dentists and patients embrace the Metaverse and the Blockchain.

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