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Why Your Dental Marketing Needs Lead Automation

Dental Marketing

Having good leads is just a head start. The real challenge to dental practitioners is turning those leads into paying consumers. It is said that only two percent of those you contact at the first opportunity will cave in to your offer. This can be a frustrating process, alright!

More functional sales funnel

Traditionally, leads are collected from a number of marketing channels such as opt-ins, signups, etc., which are reviewed by someone who then passes them on to the sales arm unless they are handled by the same person. The quality of such leads is assessed based on the judgment of whoever is in charge, possibly disregarding vital lead characteristics. With lead automation in place, collection is done by the program, which pairs leads with the right sales staff. It takes out the guesswork as the staff can prioritize leads that are deemed to likely close with the offer. It is a win-win for the dental practice with a more efficient sales process given the focus on the best opportunities at hand, and the customer, who as a result, can have a better experience with your service.

Improved Lead nurturing

There are times that potential patients present themselves to you, whether it is through an email sign up or a direct inquiry. However, more than 50 percent of them are not there yet. Just because they showed interest in your dental services doesn’t mean you can count on a guaranteed purchase. In such cases, you have to tread carefully and not be a hard sell. Lead nurturing lets you take a softer approach. Given that this practice will take a lot more effort when performed traditionally, lead automation will help strengthen the sales cycle by keeping track of lead engagements, where they are at in the process, etc. This will allow your marketing team to determine the content that should be fed to them, which will bring them from consideration of your proposition to a buying decision.

Dental Marketing

Enhanced productivity

Automation takes away the manual labor, to some extent, in order to make things easier, faster, and more precise. While it may take time to fine tune the process initially because you have to prepare your content in stages, it pays off in the end because you are able to do work that is more important. Lead automation does the heavy lifting and provides reports showing the stages of your leads. This way, any bottlenecks in the sales cycle can be easily identified in order to implement the right action for them. As such, your sales team can concentrate on their pitch without having to study each and every lead’s history on the fly. This may mean not only enhancing their productivity, but their numbers, too.

We can help you

Do you want more out of your dental lead generation? Turn your qualified leads into valued patients by learning how to close your sales like it is nobody else’s business. DCM Moguls offers expert training courses on highly effective marketing and sales strategies tailored to succeeding in your industry, as well as scaling up your production (for implants, crowns, dentures, and other dental structures). We can provide you with a systematized process so that you can focus more on delivering your services and dental solutions. We take pride in having worked with many dental service providers who have seen tremendous growth in their practice since partnering with us. You could be the next success story if you will let us help you get there!

Dominate your market using our proven dental marketing program. Drop us a line or talk to us. It is about time.

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