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Why You Need An Advertising Manager To Do Your Legal SEO

Advertising Manager

The online community is a vast marketplace which allows practically anyone to market their products and services without spending big bucks that conventional advertising channels require. Thus, many companies are investing in their digital marketing in order to attract prospective customers in a cost-effective manner.

In the case of law firms, it is crucial to be digitally accessible as it facilitates communication with potential clients who usually seek answers to their legal concerns on the internet. But how do you make your website stand our when so many legal offices have their own branded websites? One word, and you have probably heard about it: SEO. This is something a legal advertising manager can provide for you.

What SEO means to your law firm

First of all, SEO, which refers to Search Engine Optimization, is a must for any company looking at the world wide web as a viable market for their business. It means gaining the highest ranking possible for your website or platform in the search engine results. Although you may already have a website in place, it does not necessarily mean all your customers will just come to you. Unless you are a well-known institution which many people actively seek organically, your law firm will remain in limbo if you do not employ the right legal SEO. Without it, you may as well not have any web presence at all.

A legal advertising manager has the skillset to promote your law firm by enhancing website SEO. SEO itself is a concerted effort, given its complex dynamics and strategies. After all, reaching that top spot among the myriad of law firm options is quite a tall order. To achieve this, the advertising manager navigates multiple tools such as market analysis, keyword utilization, content creation, backlink negotiations, and website management. Thus, they will conduct research, run various marketing campaigns, and optimize your web and social media pages, along with other steps.

Legal SEO is a measurable tactic which supports such a results-driven endeavor. Statistic reports and analytical tools are available that will show if your SEO marketing is actually improving your rankings in search engines. It will also enable you to identify areas for improvement. What may have worked in the first three months of your SEO enhancement might not carry on in the next several months, as far as sustaining your goals is concerned. Thus, SEO is an ongoing effort in order to stay on top of your marketing game, which can be maintained and monitored by a competent legal advertising manager.

Working with an advertising manager

Inhouse marketing of small enterprises often involves employees who are only loosely trained for the job because they hold other positions in the company. As a lawyer, you might consider taking on the task, but the following reasons explain why you should just stick to your practice and leave the legal SEO to a marketing expert.

seo advertising manager

The advertising manager is the SEO expert, not the lawyer

Enhancing SEO entails a lot of work and focus in order to achieve it. The world of a legal advertising manager revolves around online platforms, campaigns, and researching keywords/keyphrases that users search for related to lawyers and their services. While being a lawyer requires discipline and may actually involve some inherent marketing skills, you still lack the education and principles that apply to successful SEO management. Sure, you can simply learn about it, but the question is, do you want to? And do you have the time? The last time we checked, lawyers have always been stereotyped as busy individuals, preoccupied with client meetings and court hearings. And besides, there is a computer science element to the job which most SEO managers have also been trained for.

Legal SEO is always changing

A good advertising manager keeps abreast of updates and developments in their field. They are always on their toes and know how to adjust the SEO strategies according to the market behavior and demands. Content should be fresh, so that links to your site from outside will continue to increase, which contributes to a high search rank. Knowing that other law firms are also working on their SEO will add pressure to the task, which a legal advertising manager will already be used to. There is an ongoing optimization which ensures that your law firm’s ranking remains in a good position so that your legal SEO success is not short-lived.

Legal SEO

Hiring a legal advertising manager may be worth it

It could be an additional expense, which can be daunting for a startup law firm. But SEO ROI is real. It is not measured in terms of ranking high in search engine results. Although that in itself is a form of successful SEO implementation, it is not ROI. Instead, SEO ROI is reflected on increased web traffic, registrations, engagement, and more importantly, revenue when people actually hire your legal services. Metrics for conversion tracking are usually set up to determine the effectiveness of campaigns. Usually, SEO takes off within 6 months of implementation and exponential growth ensues. A conversion rate of 14.6% is achieved from organic searches compared to 1.7% for print advertising, which would even cost more for a company. So if your law firm is getting 20,000 clicks for “real property lawyer”, that means you reached 3,000 paying clients who will likely use your services. With that number, you do not have to do the math further to realize that you can easily pay back the cost of an advertising manager.

Let the pros at DCM Moguls pave your path to SEO success. Remember, it is best to assign your legal SEO to an experienced advertising manager who understands it and knows how to take you there.

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