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Why Social Bookmarking Is Becoming Mainstream Marketing?

It is really not news today that social networking is becoming an integral part of an individual’s day. From keeping in touch with friends to keeping in touch with the world, individuals rely on social media to keep them connected. Isn’t it obvious therefore that social bookmarking would be a great tool? What makes social bookmarking a great tool is that it does not force your product upon individuals but yet with the right content allows you to get more traffic flow nevertheless.

Social bookmarking involves individuals visiting your site, liking what they see and then sharing it with their online friends. Their friends in turn, piqued by curiosity, would like to see what their friend shared thereby increasing traffic to your site. Allowing individuals to share your websites content on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest would potentially create a cycle of visiting and sharing which increases your traffic and eventually your business revenue. In addition, social bookmarking is also great for creating a steady clientèle for your business.

The catch here, though, is your website. You have to have a great website with content that is interesting to the audience and engaging. Here, investing in a good writer might not be such a bad idea. Strong content is always what generates repeat customers and high traffic. Make your website atmosphere lively, engaging and yet informative. Your content must be updated regularly as there is nothing like an old website to discourage site traffic. Also, make sure your posts are accurate and to the point. Short, succinct posts inform the audience without requiring much time from them and accuracy is crucial to building trust between you and your audience. Last but not least, have media that can be shared across various platforms. For example, pictures can be shared on Facebook and Pinterest while articles can only be shared on Facebook.

You, though, have to be the first point on this cycle of information. Be sure to share your own content among your friends in order to generate some traffic to the site. With strong content, there will be interest generated among your friends and then their friends and so on.

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