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Why social bookmarking is back in fashion

When social bookmarking developed it was a huge phenomenon, with sites like stumble, Digg, Reddit, and so on being some of the most widely used websites on the Internet. There is and has always been some confusion, however, as to how social bookmarking works as an SEO tools, and we’d like to cover some of those issues here and consider why social bookmarking is becoming more popular than ever.

Social bookmarking is like a communal bookmark that allows us to target certain groups with particular content that might interest them. You add pages from your site to these social bookmarks hoping to get your name out there in interested circles, and hoping they click onto your page.

In some respects social bookmarks act as backlinks, supplying additional content relevant info to the search engine, and thus improving your pagerank. However it is crucial to remember, clicks from social bookmark sites will not directly qualify for improving your pagerank.

Instead, SB, like blogging, works in an indirect way to cause organic growth. Social bookmarking is a free form of marketing and pr, and it allows you to freely advertise your site to interested target groups. As such, your new followers will eventually become repeat visitors, and they will begin to share your content themselves, and this is where your site will really start to benefit from an SEO perspective.

So is social bookmarking valuable? We would have to answer a firm, yes!

Despite sb falling out of favour at one point, the better understanding that we now have of how social bookmarking can be used in the context of SEO means that social bookmarking is back in fashion like never before. And plus, social bookmarking sites are bigger and more effective platforms than they ever have been before and social media now plays a bigger role than ever.

If you’d like more info about social bookmarking and how it might affect business on your site, then get in touch with your SEO expert to discuss things. And remember that social bookmarking is an extremely inexpensive form of advertising, and it’s available to anyone in any industry.

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